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Quality assurance

A City Taxi was the first to introduce vehicle categorization in 1995. As a result, we are able to provide high-quality, air-conditioned cars and well-presented drivers who speak foreign languages, all at a uniform rate as described in our offer.

Only vehicles in impeccable external and internal aesthetic condition can provide the service at City Taxi. The members of the Ethics Committee continuously monitor this. In addition, we conduct vehicle inspections every year to assess the technical condition of the vehicle fleet.

Our colleagues participate in language courses and can take language proficiency exams, resulting in an increasing number of them having foreign language skills. Upon request, we can provide the services of colleagues who can conduct city tours in a foreign language.

The recruitment of new taxi drivers is done through a waiting list system. We select from colleagues who have been working in a taxi company for at least two years, have a verifiable basic level of foreign language proficiency, and have successfully passed a city knowledge exam.

Thanks to efficient internal measures and appropriate staffing, City Taxi arrives quickly and accurately at the requested address. In terms of punctuality, we have the strictest internal rules among taxi companies. Compliance with these rules is examined by our 5-member Complaints and Ethics Committee, elected by the General Assembly, as well as by our 12 timekeeping inspectors in random checks 24 hours a day. On these occasions, both the cultured and proper attire of the driver and the cleanliness and condition of the vehicle’s exterior and interior are checked.

Our customers can address their observations regarding our service to our Complaints and Ethics Committee:

City Taxi Fuvarszervező Szövetkezet Reklamációs és Etikai Bizottsága

1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14. 2. emelet 401. Phone: 2-111-111 Fax: 280-1521

The Complaints and Ethics Committee investigates all the received feedback and provides information to the customer verbally or in writing, according to their request.

MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 certification:

During the year 2003, City Taxi Fuvarszervező Szövetkezet became the first taxi company in Budapest to receive the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality assurance certification.

Only colleagues who meet the personal (certificate of good conduct, etc.) and technical requirements required by law, including liability insurance, can work at City Taxi. In addition to the mandatory requirements, many also have additional passenger insurance.

Our current position is greatly contributed by strict internal control and our increasingly young vehicle fleet, which offers safe travel that meets all needs to our customers.

The driver training organized jointly with the Hungarian Automobile Club, which prepares our drivers to respond to unexpected traffic situations, can be considered an exemplary initiative.